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rackyourballs -- a community for fannishness over the slashability of the 1995 TV series, American Gothic.

We encourage all forms of fannish expression here - fic, icons, discussion or good old-fashioned squee. Feel free to talk and write about whatever pairing takes your fancy, be it slash, femslash or some sort of exciting bisexual tryst.

This is a slash-specific comm, so we're focussed on relationships characters of the same sex. For general American Gothic discussion, we point you in the direction of americangothnik

We don't have many rules here, but general LJ etiquette applies - please post all fic under cut tags and warn for anything that isn't work-safe. Any and all fic is shiny and welcomed with glee - from explicit porn to subtexty gen.

Speaking of non-work-safe, there is every possibility that people will write fic involving non-consensual situations, under-age characters in sexual situations, incest, violence, sex in the woods and any number of similarly nasty things. If there's a warning on a cut-tag for something that's going to squick or upset you, then be aware that you read it at your own discretion.

The moderators would like to point out that while the community may include discussions or fiction about the above situations, that doesn't mean any of it is condoned or supported in real life. That should obviously go without saying, but just in case. It's just fantasy, dude.

All of which is by-the-by if you just stumbled in to post a fic about Lucas Buck and Doctor Matt snarking over coffee. But it's always worth mentioning these things, right?

DISCLAIMER: American Gothic is the property of Shaun Cassidy and also some other people. We aren't trying to step on anyone's copyright here, we swear.
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